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Growens is an integrated industrial group that creates technologies for content creation & mobile messaging, meant for organizations wishing to communicate effectively with their customers.

Italian design, global vision, attention to local communities – Growens is defined by its people’s passion and competence, by scalability and profitability for its investors, and by innovation for its customers.

It is admitted to trading on the Euronext Growth Milan (EGM) market of the Italian Stock Exchange, and operates worldwide with over 11,200 customers in more than 115 countries.



We bring growth and technological innovation to our customers and investors worldwide, thanks to ethical and easy-to-use marketing and communication tools, developed with passion by an international team.



To be an internationally recognized innovator where passionate people create an ecosystem of data-driven solutions that help with the evolving ways of communicating with customers.

Group's main figures

Consolidated revenues FY2023
Customers in 115+ countries
Employees in 2 continents
Sales CAGR 2019-2022

An ever-evolving tech group

Growens offers a range of marketing solutions focused on digital content creation, messaging and data-driven automation, leveraged by companies to communicate with their customers. Growens grew steadily and consistently both organically and through acquisitions.

The Group is composed of two business units, operating in complementary sectors and markets within the landscape of cloud marketing technologies – Beefree (the digital content editor developed in San Francisco as a side project and today a market leader) and Agile Telecom (SMS wholesale market).

Our history


Five young entrepreneurs start a small digital agency in Cremona, Italy


They launch N:Newsletter, an innovative email marketing platform


The idea seems to attract interest but needs stronger identity: N:Newsletter becomes MailUp


The MailUp business grows and steps up: SMS text messages are added to its features


It’s a success: MailUp quickly grows to be market leader in Italy in the Email Marketing SaaS field!


MailUp goes public with an IPO on the Italian Stock Exchange. is launched as a side project

2011 copia

The Company grows with the acquisition of Agile Telecom, Acumbamail and the launch for Beefree SDK


Beefree officially spins off in the US as a separate product, kicking off an incredibly successful path


MailUp also lands in South America through a joint venture, expanding its presence overseas


Datatrics is acquired to strengthen the Group’s marketing automation portfolio


It’s time for a new era: in letting go of the “mail” in its name, MailUp Group becomes Growens


The Group acquires Contactlab, a primary ESP Italian player

2022-mailupcontactlab (1)

Growens sells MailUp+Contactlab, Acumbamail and Datatrics, focusing its resources and investments on the most promising business units

2023-teamsystem (1)

Beefree acquires Really Good Emails and shortens the distance between inspiration and email creation


From startup to leading European player in cloud software

  • Organic and M&A growth
  • From Cremona (Italy) to Europe, Americas, Asia
  • One of the leading European players in cloud marketing technologies

International presence

Established in Cremona (Italy) in 2002, Growens stems from the technological research and business success of MailUp, sold to the TeamSystem group in 2023. Today Growens is a multinational group with a strong presence in Europe and North America, and caters to customers worldwide.

San Francisco • Beefree
450 Townsend St. – CA 94107 Tel: (888) 9-MAILUP | (888) 962-4587

Milan • Growens
Via Porro Lambertenghi 7 – 20159 Tel: +39 02 8688 6301 | +39 03 723 2590

Cremona • Growens
Via dell’Innovazione Digitale 3 – 26100 Tel: +39 0372 24525 |+39 02 8688 6301 | +39 03 723 2590

Carpi (MO) • Agile Telecom
Via delle Magliaie 53 – 11410 Tel: +39 059640824

Cagliari • Growens
Viale la Plaia, 15 – 09123 Tel: +39 070 233 0200

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