Beefree is the business unit of the Growens group that operates in the content design field. It offers a drag-and-drop HTML editor that allows to speed up email production and effortlessly export emails to any sending platform with a few clicks.

San Francisco, USA






Beefree provides no-code design tools that empower everyone to quickly create content that resonates. Beefree’s visual builders are used to design emails, landing pages, one-page sites, and more. They deliver fantastic design flexibility and a great user experience, combining granular control on design elements with handy features like editing content directly in mobile view.

Beefree is building on its vision to help democratize content design, with millions of monthly users in over 20 languages and from over 220 countries. Beefree’s design tools are available online at and embedded in over 600 SaaS applications.

Beefree is a product of BEE Content Design Inc., a Growens company.


  • $ 12.5 M ARR
  • +16.9% ARR growth
  • 78% Gross margin (FY 2023)
  • -12.3% EBITDA margin (FY 2023)

Data refer to December 2023 except where otherwise stated.


  • 93.6% Net Revenue Retention
  • 98.3% Recurring revenue (FY 2023)
  • $ 2,144 Lifetime value (LTV)
  • 12 months – Payback period

Product KPIs

  • 9,362 #Clients
  • 1,013,432 #Free users
  • 73 NPS

Beefree History


Beefree is launched as a free tool at by the MailUp team, and collects 20,000 users in 24 hrs.


BEE Plugin (now Beefree SDK) is launched as an embeddable email editor for SaaS applications.


The first version of Beefree is launched on Feb 22, 2016. A very limited MVP, but people love it right away.


Beefree Team & Agency plans: collaboration, multi-user support, user roles, brands.


Introducing connectors for Beefree. Mailchimp is the first, followed by many others (HubSpot, Klaviyo, SendInBlue, ActiveCampaign, and more).


Save & re-use content with Save Rows: speed is always “core” at Beefree. Plus, new UX with v3.


Beefree launches its Designer Program (hundreds of new templates added to the template catalog) and Landing Page Builder.


Beefree hits 10,000+ customers and introduces its PopUp Builder.


Beefree hits $10 million ARR (annual recurring revenues).


Time for a refreshed image: BEE Pro becomes Beefree, and BEE Plugin becomes Beefree SDK


Beefree acquires Really Good Emails and shortens the distance between inspiration and email creation

Massimo Arrigoni


LinkedIn profile

SaaS scale-up CEO with two decades of experience in product management. A practitioner of product-led growth for many years, and a believer in the Jobs To Be Done approach to understanding why customers buy products or services. Involved in Beefree’s startup-within-a-larger-corp since the beginning, when the project took off and grew to the point of requiring a full-time CEO, Massimo stepped down from his Head of Product role at the group level, and was happy to take on this role.

Prior to MailUp, Massimo co-founded and was CEO for many years at Early Impact, which developed a small business shopping cart system – ProductCart – and a recurring billing system – SubscriptionBridge. Before that, Massimo had product management roles in other software companies.

LinkedIn profile

Life at Beefree

Working at Beefree means joining a challenging yet empowering scale-up environment. We live to radically improve how business professionals create beautiful, high-performing content that drives business impact.

Spread across Italy and the US, our team thrives in a unique and exciting blended culture, combining the best of both worlds. We are a remote-first company where autonomy, trust, and self-organization go hand in hand with collaboration, radical transparency, and continuous feedback

We value coming together for amazing retreats to build those meaningful relationships that fuel our everyday success. And we have fun while doing it.


Open positions at Beefree

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