Growens’ Board of Statutory Auditors is appointed by the ordinary shareholders’ meeting for a term of 3 financial years.

Michele Manfredini

Chair of the Board os Statutory Auditors

Graduated in Business Administration at Bocconi University, Milan, with a Master’s Degree in Corporate Finance, certified auditor, Member of the Cremona Board of Chartered Accountants since 1986.
His expertise covers corporate, management, financial, administration and contract law issues. He is a consultant and trainer and manager of insolvency proceedings with the Court of Cremona. He was appointed Technical Advisor the the judge, advisor in drafting certified business recovery plans and composition proposals, as well as Expert Certificate in the insolvency field.
He is currently a member of the board of statutory auditors and certified auditor at several companies.

Fabrizio Ferrari

Acting Auditor

Graduated in Business Administration, certified auditor since 1985, he has operated in private practice both individually and in association. Founder of Studio Associato Pedroni in 1994, where he is currently a partner.
His expertise covers tax, accounting, corporate and contract law consulting. He is a member of the board of statutory auditors, certified auditor and board member at several companies. He has been a civil and commercial mediator with Cremona Chamber of Commerce mediation body since 2011, as well as admitted to the Board of Technical Advisers of the court of Cremona since 2006. Past Committee on the Roll of Experts with Cremona Chamber of Commerce, trainer in courses of public catering and director of the Cremona Board of Chartered Accountants.

Donata Paola Patrini

Acting Auditor

Graduated in Business Administration, member of the Register of Chartered Accountants of Milan, the Register of Legal Auditors, and the Register of Technical Consultants of the Milan Court. Founding partner of the Patrini and Associates Firm, an association of Chartered Accountants primarily involved in financial, tax, and corporate aspects of significant Italian and multinational companies. The firm also provides consultancy services for all organizational aspects of companies, particularly in the finance and control sector.

Statutory auditor, member of the board and supervisory body in various Italian and foreign companies operating in the energy, finance, pharmaceutical, healthcare, industrial, commercial, telecommunications, publishing, and fashion sectors. Member of the Corporate Governance, ESG, and Tax Litigation Committees of the ODCEC (Order of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts).

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