Agile Telecom is the business unit of the Growens group that operates in the field of large volumes of SMS: it allows you to optimize their sending, thanks to its proprietary technological solutions.








Agile Telecom’s main objective is to optimize large SMS volumes for mobile network operators and SMS aggregators through its deep industry knowledge and proprietary technological solutions. Its significant experience in the SMS industry allows it to anticipate trends and meet evolving client needs.

Its proprietary, tested technologies are robust and efficient, enabling the secure handling of large SMS volumes while ensuring high-quality service and minimal interruptions. It is committed to fostering long-term client relationships built on transparency and trust, providing personalized service from requirement understanding to solution implementation and ongoing support.

This holistic approach allows it to optimize SMS volumes, increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Main KPIs (FY 2023)

€63.5 M
€3.0 M
2,390.2 M
# Sent messages
# Direct connections

Agile Telecom History


Agile Telecom is established in Carpi, Italy


Full direct Italian connections coverage


Agile Telecom becomes a member of the GSMA Association


The expansion in international markets begins


Agile becomes a public limited company


Agile Telecom is acquired by MailUp Group, now Growens


First billion messages sent in a year worldwide – +50 % vs. 2017


Two billion messages sent in a year worldwide – +70% vs. 2018

Matteo Bettoni


LinkedIn profile

Born in Cremona (Italy) in 1975, Matteo Bettoni starts his career as a system administrator during his Computer Engineering degree at Politecnico di Milano university. In 1999 he co-founds Network and subsequently Nweb, where the first version of the MailUp platform was developed. Since 2017 he is CEO of Agile Telecom, the company acquired by Growens in 2015.

LinkedIn profile

Life at Agile Telecom

Working at Agile Telecom means joining a small & high-performing team, where people care for each other and work collaboratively towards clear common goals.  Our Italian roots run deep, while our branches spread internationally

A flexible way of working fuels a constant strive for innovative processes & solutions: all of us can choose whether to work from home, from the office or from anywhere else, at any time.

Open positions at Agile Telecom

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