Growens shares are admitted to trading on Euronext Growth Milan (EGM, managed by the Italian Stock Exchange) since July 25th, 2014.


Total 15,393,343 outstanding ordinary shares

  • Gorni Nazzareno (via Poliedriq S.r.l.) 10.44%
  • Miscia Alberto (via AM0S.r.l.) 10.43%
  • Monfredini Matteo (via MM S.r.l.) 10.33%
  • Azzali Luca (via Yugen S.r.l.) 10.04%
  • Bettoni Matteo (via Linea S.r.l.) 9.81%
  • Treasury Shares 17.60%
  • Free Float 31.33%
*Subject to lock-up

The Issuer announced on December 23, 2021 that their relevant shareholders Co-Founders Matteo Monfredini, Nazzareno Gorni, Luca Azzali, Matteo Bettoni and Alberto Miscia – who together own a total shareholding in the Company of n. 7,859,551ordinary shares, no nominal value, representing 52.50% of its share capital – entered a shareholders’ agreement regarding a total shareholding in the Company of n. 6,750,000 ordinary shares representing 45.09% of its share capital, in equal measure.

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