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Letter to Stakeholders

“In its fourth edition, the Report is part of an increasingly articulated and strategic sustainability path, which aims at the progressive integration of ESG issues in every aspect of the Group’s business: from policies in favor of people to the expansion of environment-related activities; from support for local communities to relief actions for the Ukrainian population“.

Nazzareno Gorni, CEO, & Matteo Monfredini, Chairman

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ESG Report

The Sustainability Report represents an important step towards increasing transparency and alignment of interests among the various Stakeholders, which we see as drivers for long-term sustainable value growth.

The ESG reporting involves and impacts all aspects of the Group’s business: governance, people, environment, clients, services and products, communication and image, economic sustainability and business approach. The Sustainable Development Goals serve as guide and support in determining the company’s strategic priorities, in defining the focus on policies, objectives and actions that create value.





We Believe in Ethical Business

Ethics is at the cornerstone of our every choice and behaviour. We operate in full transparency – both internally and externally -, complying with the highest standards in terms of conduct, processes and communication, often on a voluntary basis.


  • ESG reporting
  • Code of Ethics & 231 Organizational Model
  • 1/5 independent director
  • Pay-per-performance
  • Tax transparency
  • Quarterly disclosure

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Legality Rating ✭✭✭


The Company holds the top legality rating score of ✭✭✭, as granted by the AGCM (Italian Competition Authority).

The legality rating is a synthetic indicator of a company’s compliance with high standards of legality and thorough attention paid to lawful business management. Its purpose is to reward companies that comply with the law, are transparent and operate according to sound ethical principles.


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We Respect the Environment

Saving energy, optimising resources and offsetting harmful emissions to our planet are an integral part of our business approach. We promote a culture of responsible use of environmental resources, attention to recycling and proper waste disposal.

CO2 Compensation

Since 2007 we have been planting forests to fully offset our carbon emissions

Renewable Energy

Thanks to special Smart Flower solar panels, we generate the photovoltaic energy we require to work

Sustainable Offices

Our daily work happens in certified buildings that are designed to optimise energy consumption and minimise waste

Focus on Recycling

We promote a mindful approach to resources, minimising any unnecessary usage of paper and plastic

We Care for Our People

People are the heart of our business. We strive every day to create a working environment that is fair, transparent, motivating, positive and innovative, while promoting merit, well-being and people development.


  • Transparent selection and progression rules
  • Flexible hours & Remote work
  • Welfare programme
  • Attention to inclusion & diversity
  • Continuous training

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We Protect Personal Data

Since our early days, we have been supporting companies in ensuring data protection and fostering an ethical approach to privacy. We guarantee total transparency and vigilant compliance to law requirements.

GDPR Compliance

We provide all customers with the necessary tools to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation simply and straightforwardly

Data Security

A dedicated Privacy and Compliance team, coordinated by a Data Protection Officer, oversees the organisation’s security and compliance with applicable laws

Anti-Spam Policy

We strictly forbid any messaging activity from our platforms without prior, free and unequivocal consent. We never sell or share contact lists

Round Tables

We are part of the most important messaging industry roundtables (like the M3AAWG), promoting the definition of new rules and actively participating in the ratification of messaging standards

We Create Value For Our Communities

Our business is deeply rooted in local communities. We strive to empower them by contributing to their growth, giving back, and building strong, long-term ties.


  • Co-founders of the CRIT consortium
  • Support to non-profits
  • Partnerhips with schools, Universities and research centres
  • Cooperation with public institutions

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