We believe that people are wonderfully different. Growens is home to a diverse, international community that values each person individually, thrives on collaboration, and loves having fun!

Our Values

Passion, Caring, Trust and Open-Mindedness are the core values on which we are building the future of our group.


  • I go the extra mile
  • I work with enthusiasm and share it
  • I enjoy what I do
  • I’m proud of my company & my work


  • I recognize and value my colleagues’ contribution
  • I listen to and give feedback
  • I share my expertise for the benefit of my team’s growth
  • I care about our customers, stakeholders and environment


  • I choose to trust my colleagues
  • I’m comfortable delegating my work
  • I’m confident in expressing doubt or disagreement
  • I’m trustworthy because I’m accountable


  • I embrace change
  • I value other people’s point of view
  • I’m open to recognize and lean from my mistakes
  • I love to learn and keep up-to-date

Our leadership style

Being a manager isn’t enough at Growens. We nurture leaders defined by their ability to bring together their teams towards a greater goal. We want them thoroughly honest, fair, supportive, knowledgeable, and in love with what they do.

To make sure that we get that, we have a defined a comprehensive Leadership Model and have implemented a continuous bottom-up evaluation process.

Why work at Growens

Flexibility & Remote Working

We are goal-oriented and believe in flexibility, autonomy, and work-life balance. Based on your specific role and location, you’ll have different options: either a full-remote solution or a hybrid one.

International Environment & Diverse Workforce

Growens is an international group with a presence in Italy, The Netherlands, Spain, Denmark, and the U.S.A. Our diverse workforce represents a strong asset and a reason for pride for us.

Experiment & Make an impact

We are a scale-up company offering SaaS solutions. Our products are continuously evolving and at the forefront of the industry: you’ll be able to experiment and see the real impact of your contribution to our mission to develop easy-to-use marketing tools.

Training, Growth & Wellbeing

We strive to create a healthy work environment by engaging and giving voice to our people, promoting a culture of continuous feedback, and nurturing the development of our staff through personalized development plans and training programs.

Trust their word

“I enjoy solving problems for users, making their life easier while using our product. Doing this collaboratively is even better: together, we find way better solutions”.

Jan Willem, Senior Product Manager

“I have the freedom to express my creativity the way that is most comfortable for me. I feel trusted and this gives me the confidence to trust myself, my intuitions, and my ideas”.

Annette, Marketing Programs Manager

“As a creative person, I love that I have the chance to mix with and learn from other designers from all over the world. There is a true sense of community here, which makes every day unique”.

Andreea, UX & Communication Designer

Behind the curtains

Work hard, play hard! We love getting together for team building activities, retreats, parties, sports, brainstorming sessions, or just a few drinks. Get to know people of all backgrounds and cultures, from all over the world.

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Connect with us on social media

Want a glimpse of behind-the-curtain work life at Growens? Follow our social channels to see it all.

Our communities

At Growens, communities are key for professionals to meet, exchange ideas and find inspiration in a collaborative, non-hierarchical way.

Value Team

An international team focused on spreading corporate values through initiatives, fun games and challenges.

Design Community

We create a human-centered design culture & practice across the board, by leveraging our diverse backgrounds.

Tech Community

The place where technology professionals talk, exchange ideas, learn, and inspire each other.

Discover more about our culture

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