Acumbamail is a Spanish based Email Marketing provider, also offering SMS packages and transactional services with a freemium business model suitable for micro-small businesses.

Thanks to its intuitive, easy-to-use technology, Acumbamail allows customers to create, send, and manage their campaigns while also tracking real-time performance.


  • € 2.1 M ARR
  • +14.3% ARR growth
  • 86.8% Gross margin
  • 19.4% EBITDA margin

Data refer to FY2022/December 2022


  • 88% Net Revenue Retention
  • 93% Recurring revenue
  • € 1,399 Lifetime value (LTV)
  • 9.2 months – Payback period

Product KPIs

  • 3,687 #Clients
  • 120,172 #Free users
  • 57 NPS

Acumbamail History


Acumbamail is founded by Rafael Cabanillas, Ignacio Arriaga and Miguel Gómez. The goal is to offer a hassle-free, simple marketing platform for Spanish SMBs to connect with their audience and make the most out of the highest ROI channel, email marketing.


Acumbamail positions itself as one of the most powerful email platforms in Spain and LATAM.


Growens acquires 70% of Acumbamail.


Acumbamail integrates SMS marketing into its features to start offering a multichannel solution.


Acumbamail releases a new, powerful feature: automated email workflows.


Growens completes the acquisition of Acumbamail.


Acumbamail releases Gumbamail, a Chrome extension to send email marketing campaigns inside Gmail with valuable features such as an embedded email builder and advanced analytics.


Acumbamail keeps working on powerful features to offer an all-in-one solution to its customers: email and SMS workflows, email list integration with Facebook audiences, and advanced list management options. Now, they send 400 million emails every month to more than 4,000 companies all over the world.

Ignacio Arriaga


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Rafael Cabanillas Carrillo


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Ignacio and Rafael met in high school and, later on, they were classmates while studying Software Engineering at University. Only two years after graduation, they both launched their first company “Lánzanos”, the first crowdfunding platform in Spain. They sold it in 2012 to put all their efforts into creating, alongside Miguel, Acumbamail.

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Life at Acumbamail

Working at Acumbamail means joining a small & fast-paced environment, driven by collaboration and team spirit. Here, things evolve rapidly and everyone can make impactful decisions, with continuous personal growth and increased ownership over time. 

We work remotely and flexibly, and we stay true to our local Spanish roots.

Open positions at Acumbamail

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