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Advanced Marketing Automation features, bespoke consultancy, training resources and solid expertise. MailUp offers companies everything they need to shape effective marketing strategies via Email, SMS and Messaging Apps.

Established in 2003 in Cremona (Italy), over the years MailUp has grown to become market leader in Italy and earn international relevance.

Today approximately 10,000 companies worldwide trust MailUp as a strategic partner for their Digital Marketing activities.


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Contactlab offers engagement marketing products and solutions to maximize business returns and reinforce client-brand relationships through customized multi-channel messaging plans.

The Contactlab Marketing Cloud platform enables brands to grow the value of their contacts, enhance conversions, boost sales, and retain customers with personalized messages and real-time conversations. Contactlab also offers multi-technology campaign management services.


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  • € 15.3 M ARR
  • +33.3% ARR growth
  • 61.7% Gross margin (H1 2022)
  • 10.7% EBITDA margin (H1 2022)

Data refer to December 2022 except where otherwise stated.


  • 93.5% Net Revenue Retention
  • 62% Recurring revenue (H1 2022)
  • 9,846 Lifetime value (LTV)
  • 32 months – Payback period

Product KPIs

  • 9,467 #Clients
  • 0 #Free users
  • 39 NPS



A small Italian digital agency develops an innovative SaaS email marketing platform and names it N:Newsletter


On the quick rise, N:Newsletter needs a rebrand: the MailUp brand is born


SMS messages are added to MailUp’s offer, as a first step toward a multichannel solution


Thanks to its ease of use and innovative technology, MailUp quickly becomes market leader in Italy


MailUp goes public on the Italian Stock Exchange and starts an acquisition path that leads to the creation of the MailUp Group, then Growens


MailUp 9 is released as a new platform version, including innovative Marketing Automation features


Beside email and SMS, MailUp adds Messaging Apps to its integrated offer and develops consultancy services on the side


MailUp joins forces with Contactlab, giving life to the first Italian player in Cloud Marketing Technologies

Luca Azzali

General Manager

LinkedIn profile

A technology & behavioral economy enthusiast, cycler and runner, Luca starts his career in the mid 90s as a consultant in the IT field. In 1999 he is a founder of Network, a company specializing in hardware, software and corporate services. In 2002, from a Network spin-off he established NWEB srl together with Nazzareno Gorni and other partners, initially overseeing the business development of web projects.

Thanks to his expertise and know-how, Luca steps up to be subsequently Sales Director, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager at the MailUp+Contactlab business unit.

LinkedIn profile

Massimo Fubini


LinkedIn profile

Massimo began his career in new media in 1995. Three years later, he founded Contactlab and is recognized as one of the most important internet entrepreneurs in Italy. He was Technical Internet Manager of the Ministry of Transport’s military data center and external advisor to the working group on network security problems for Public Administration at AIPA (now DigitPA). He was a member of the Audiweb Technical Committee for seven years and a web consultant for AssoComunicazione. He has taken part in numerous conferences, workshops, radio broadcasts as an opinion leader on the subject of direct marketing and privacy.

LinkedIn profile

Life at MailUp+Contactlab

Working at MailUp+Contactlab means joining the leading Italian player in email marketing & customer engagement technologies, where innovation is fueled by open-mindedness & passion

The key enablers of our success? Teamwork, kindness and trust. 

We promote a flexible, hybrid way of working: all of us can choose whether to work from home, from the office or from anywhere else, at any time.

Open positions at MailUp+Contactlab

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