A few months ago, Growens’ BEE Business Unit, which provides no-code design tools that empower everyone to quickly create content that resonates, started a rebranding process to keep up with the evolution of the brand itself. Now, BEE has officially become Beefree

This change marks an important step in the evolution of the fastest-growing Growens Business Unit, which already surpassed $10M ARR and is currently present as a main sponsor on the world-class stages of SaaStr and Inbound.  

The rebrand doesn’t affect the company’s product offer, with former BEE Pro renamed Beefree and former BEE Plugin renamed Beefree SDK.

Why the change

Every great story has a beginning, and the one of BEE started back in 2014 with a simple yet ambitious goal: to revolutionize email creation and empower individuals to effortlessly design stunning email newsletters. 

BEE was born as an acronym for “Best Email Editor“, but during the years it had outgrown its humble code name and it started standing out from the crowd. This is why a rebranding was necessary and BEE became Beefree.

If at the beginning, its aim was to offer the finest email editor in the market, as the time passed by, it realized the need to broaden its scope and improve its functionalities. 

Today, the tool has transformed into an all-encompassing design suite, incorporating AI capabilities and sophisticated features, that empowers designers and marketing teams to streamline their email production processes, reducing production time. Beefree SDK, its white-label email builder integrated into over 600+ SaaS companies, also provides a landing page builder, popup builder, file manager, and has many exciting components and services in the pipeline. 

The transition to Beefree also resolves the confusion caused by its previous name which, if searched on Google, gets lost among the results about one of the most famous insects on our planet. Moreover, this refresh also creates a stronger brand presence that aligns with Beefree’s expanded range of services and solutions. 

This change represents a natural progression, reflecting the essence of its brand’s growth and the vast opportunities ahead.

The rebranding journey 

In this rebranding journey, Beefree delved deeply into its core foundations, carefully crafting a purpose, a vision, and a mission that truly embody its passion and commitment to empowering people’s creative and technological endeavors.

  • Its Purpose is simple yet powerful: it wants to democratize beautiful, high-performing content design. Beefree believes in creating tools that free everyone up to do their best work, unleashing their creativity without constraints.
  • Its Vision is ambitious but inspiring: it strives to become the no-code design standard for all businesses. By enabling centralized content design and decentralized editing, it aims to empower teams to collaborate seamlessly and effortlessly, creating impactful content that resonates with their audience.
  • Its Mission is at the heart of everything Beefree does: it creates intuitive design tools that empower people to produce on-brand content quickly and collaboratively. It wants to help drive real impact, making ideas come to life in ways that captivate and inspire.

Through this renewed focus on Beefree’s purpose, vision, and mission, it is committed to providing innovative solutions that revolutionize the way businesses approach content design and empower individuals to excel in their creative endeavors.

Explaining the free in Beefree 

At Beefree, freedom lies at the core of its philosophy. Beefree believes in granting its users the freedom to design with no limits, allowing their creativity to soar and their ideas to take flight. Its commitment to liberation extends far beyond the creative process itself—it encompasses its dedication to providing accessible solutions for all, regardless of budget or resources.

That’s why, just over a year ago, it introduced a freemium model. It wanted to ensure that anyone, regardless of their financial means, could experience the incredible potential and boundless possibilities that Beefree has to offer. All of this is to empower individuals and businesses of all sizes, removing limitations and opening doors to new opportunities for innovation and success.

Beefree is dedicated to making impactful solutions accessible to everyone because it firmly believes that greatness can be found in every corner, regardless of financial constraints.

The new logo: a symbol of freedom and dynamic growth

As Beefree embarked on this brand refresh journey, it recognized the need for a logo that would embody the essence of its evolution while maintaining a sense of familiarity. While its previous logo had a static and stable representation reminiscent of a hive, it wanted to make a subtle, yet important change that would highlight Beefree’s growth without overshadowing its roots.


With great care and consideration, Beefree refined its logo to embrace concepts that resonate deeply with its customers. The transformation captures the spirit of freedom, dynamism, and modernity, aligning its visual identity with the ever-evolving needs of its valued community. This change reflects the commitment to continuously evolve and provide innovative solutions that empower customers to thrive in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Whether it’s the reminder of a hive’s strength, the symbolism of progress, the freedom of wings, or the exhilaration of a bird in flight, Beefree’s logo is a visual representation of the limitless possibilities that lie ahead as it continues to evolve and serve you with innovative content design solutions.

Soar to new heights with Beefree 

The transition from BEE to Beefree marks a significant milestone in the brand’s evolution. It reflects Beefree’s commitment to delivering even more value to all its customers.For more information, explore Beefree new websites at beefree.io and developers.beefree.io or try its products for free Beefree and Beefree SDK.

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