Starting from January 2023, the Cagliari Innovation Lab, the Growens Research & Development center dedicated to digital and technological innovation, has started a cycle of seminars on topics related to Information Technology (IT).

Data Analysts, Engineers, Managers and other highly qualified professionals took the stage to share with experts in this field and university students the innovative solutions adopted by Growens.

The Growens Cagliari Innovation Lab 

Every day, Growens strives to develop successful solutions and products that respond to its users’ needs.

Since the Group cares about innovation, at the beginning of 2022 it opened its Cagliari Innovation Lab, a Research & Development center located in the Sardinian city with the same name. The goal of the new lab is to support the growth of the Group through technological experimentation and the acquisition of valuable skills thanks to the rich pool of talents attracted and trained by the University of Cagliari.

The Lab contributes to the creation of training courses for digital professions and to the identification of figures who can fuel the Group’s growth not only by supporting local talents, but also by attracting specialized professionals at an international level.

The seminar cycle

In collaboration with The Net Value, a community of innovators founded in 2009 to support innovation and digital entrepreneurship in Sardinia, during the first part of 2023, Growens organized six seminars on a variety of IT-related topics.

Product Qualified Lead: how to recognize them to optimize the product experience 

The series of events started in January with an in-depth discussion held by the Group’s Data & Analytics team, which brought on stage its experience about PQL identification techniques to an audience of 60 eager senior technical specialists, entrepreneurs and managers.

Shape Up & Smart Working

In the following meeting, Marcello Garini, Fullstack Engineering Manager at BEE, shared precious insights on the methodology of “shaping” an idea, dealing in detail with all its phases: evaluations, bets, scope hammering and much more.

Moreover, he dove into the hybrid work theme, discussing the principles and merits that led Growens to adopt this way of working.

Real time data streaming: BEE Real Time

In the meeting of April, the attention was focused on a new app of BEE, one of the Group’s Business Unit. Thanks to “BEE Real Time” it is in fact possible to precisely locate the exact location of BEE users who are creating an HTML file at any time. On this occasion, Matteo Santagata,Fullstack Engineering Manager, and Mauro Giannandrea, Senior DevOps Engineer, talked about this application, who shared in detail all the difficulties encountered in the project and the solutions implemented.

Predict Customer LifeTime Value

Months later, the Data & Analytics team was back on stage to dive deeper into LTV techniques. Cinzia Marini, Head of Data Analytics & Integration, and Gloria Ronzoni, Data Scientist, shared their experiences, sharing valuable advice on this topic in front of a large audience of students and industry experts.

Cyber Security & ISO 27001 Certification 

In June, the cycle of events kept going on with an in-depth Cyber ​​Security session.Eugenio Colazzo, Cyber ​​Security Manager, Michele Cappellini, CIO, and Eugenio Gennari, Cyber ​​Security Project Manager, shared with attendees the methodologies used by Growens to effectively manage cyber threats, always ensuring respect for the privacy of its customers.

Cloudwatch Logs 

In the last event of June, Roberto Albertini, Backend Engineering Manager, and Mauro Giannandrea, Senior DevOps Engineer at BEE, shared how BEE is solving the problem of accessing large volumes of application logs by building its own solution with AWS Cloudwatch.

The next cycle 

After the big success these events achieved, Growens has already set out to organize three more meetings – that will take place from September to December 2023 – and it intends to extend such plan to 2024. The Cagliari Innovation Lab has found an effective way to share its innovative research and solutions. There is nothing left to do but wait for the next conferences.

To stay updated on future seminars, you can check The Net Value website.

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