The latest Board of Directors meeting, in approving the 2020 consolidated results, also proposed a momentous change – that of a new identity for our Group brand, along with an updated mission & payoff statements, and a brand new purpose statement.

We are beyond thrilled to announce the new brand identity that soon will accompany our Group’s growth in the coming years, leveling the external perception of our brand to better meet ambitious business challenges.

MailUp Group becomes Growens. 

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Why A New Brand? 

Nineteen years ago, MailUp was established as a small bootstrapped digital agency in the birthplace of the violin. The email technology was new back then, and with it the company grew quickly and solidly

Following the IPO on AIM, the first acquisitions and the increased complexity of the corporate structure, the “MailUp Group” brand was created in order to set the newly formed holding entity apart from that of its business units. 

As technology and our customers’ needs evolved, our business and products evolved along with them. While outgrowing email, we started to include other cutting-edge technologies in our offer, such as mobile content creation and predictive marketing.

Now it’s time to take a new, important step in our evolution. We are ready to let the “mail” in our name go, and to fully embrace our innermost calling – that of helping businesses grow thanks to our technology.

While nothing changes in the Group’s structure or composition, we bring our brand perception up to speed with what we already are under the hood: an international company made of passionate people, deeply rooted in our communities and with a strong sense of business ethics. We are transparent toward our investors, loyal to our employees, and passionate about innovation.

Becoming Growens

But let’s go back to where it all started. In 2020 we set out to deeply rethink the way we want to be perceived by our key stakeholders – customers, investors, and talents

We started a long process of digging into our history, looking for the innermost sense of who we are. We interviewed many people in the company in long heart-to-heart conversations, trying to figure out why we do what we do, in the way we do it; where we want to go, what has brought us thus far, and what drives us in creating more value for our stakeholders every day. 

The name Growens came from this very idea – that our technology is a powerful growth enabler for companies. Growens is a transparent mix of the English root for growth and the Latin -ens suffix, indicating an active action agency. 

The new name carries a positive, organic connotation, meant to connect our past and our future. We also dropped the “Group” in our name, for the sake of simplicity and immediacy. 




A New Mission & Payoff

We didn’t stop at the name, though. While reviewing our identity, we realised that also other corporate pillars were somewhat disconnected from the way we currently feel about ourselves. 

Our mission statement, for one, was centred around the “messaging” concept, which was true a few years back, but is not accurate any longer since Datatrics – our latest acquisition, and the one farthest from the mailing domain – came to be in the family. Also, the current mission doesn’t stress enough the importance of our people and their passion as drivers and enablers of everything we do. 

The new mission statement is meant to be broader, more inclusive, more to the point, and warmer:

“We bring growth and technological innovation to our customers and investors worldwide, thanks to ethical and easy-to-use marketing and communication tools, developed with passion by an international team”

MailUp Group never had a proper payoff, or an element meant to summarise in a handful of words the core business of a company, or, in our case, of a group of companies. In the past, we used “Technology for marketers” and “The marketing technology hub” alternately, but we always felt that this expression lacked clarity and was all in all way too flat. 

So we reshaped it in a way that immediately and precisely describes the advantages we bring to our customers:

“Technology to help businesses communicate better and faster”

Stepping Up In Our Sustainability Efforts

And yet, this was not it. Last year the company started a path to ESG (environmental, sustainability, and governance) disclosure on a voluntary basis, by issuing its very first Sustainability Report, with the final aim of supporting the achievement of the UN 2030 Agenda

Update at May 4, 2021: the new and updated 2020 Sustainability Report is now available. 

At the same time, we realised we needed a clear, common driver for our future efforts where sustainability is concerned.

A purpose statement provides the reason(s) an organisation exists in relation to society and focuses on the company’s impact on communities. It looks outwards, and in this it differs from the vision and mission statements, which are strictly business-related and look inward. 

Our impact was identified in our active contribution to improve and advance society through a specific way of doing marketing. 

“We nurture healthy, sustainable marketing through innovative technologies that foster well-being, awareness and digital advancement for society, businesses and users”.

Well-being, in particular, encompasses a number of aspects:

  • Economic well-being for those who choose our solutions (quality solutions that bring value and satisfaction to companies)
  • Emotional well-being for end users: our solutions are designed to foster respect for end users, data protection and message relevance
  • Social and human well-being for the communities where we are rooted and for the people that work with us at any level

This is just the beginning: we like to think big, and we are not afraid to do so. 

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