On June 30th, a Survey was launched as part of the MailUp Group program of activities aimed at improving engagement and relations with its investors.

The Survey was anonymous, voluntary and intended for all investors in MailUp shares. It was closed on September 5th and received 43 responses. Here below you can find the insights.

Download the Investor Survey results

For MailUp Group, an active, two-way dialogue with its investors has always been of essential importance. The Survey was created with the aim of gathering the investors’ point of view in an orderly and structured way, on a series of important topics, in order to better address future business choices.

We would like to thank those who spared their time and attention to complete the survey with thorough care – in particular with regard to the retail component, well represented among the respondents, usually harder to contact in a consistent, one-to-one way.

Survey questions & insights

The Survey consisted of a series of questions assessing the respondents’ satisfaction toward the Company’s financial communication policy; exploring topics such as listing market, liquidity, and future growth drivers; drawing insights on investor profiling.

The Survey results indicate general satisfaction with the financial communication and confidence in growth drivers through international expansion and acquisitions. Moreover, at business level, corporate strategy and investor expectations seem to match consistently.

On the other hand, dissatisfaction emerges with respect to the share liquidity and listing market, which are not considered in line with the size, activities and potential of MailUp Group.

In terms of profiling, the majority of investors who responded to the Survey are located in Italy, are individual/private and have an average invested amount of less than EUR 500,000.

We are extremely satisfied with the results of this first Survey. We’ll hold the insights into the utmost account, as a driver to constantly improve our path as a listed company.


Article by Micaela Cristina Capelli
Investor Relator, MailUp Group

Micaela Cristina Capelli

ft 1000 2021
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