Dear Stakeholders,

We are proud to present the new edition of the Growens Sustainability Report, the document that summarizes the organization’s objectives, activities, impacts and results towards its Stakeholders.

In its third edition, this Report is part of an increasingly articulated & strategic sustainability path, which aims at the progressive integration of ESG issues in every aspect of the Group’s business – from people-oriented policies to climate positive initiatives.

The goal for 2022 is to draft a comprehensive Sustainability Plan that will guide future strategic choices.

2021 was affected by the continued impact of the Covid-19 crisis, which had significant effects especially on the social sphere relating to individuals and communities, and imposed a structural reflection and courageous choices on new ways of working.

Growens is proud to have definitively embraced a hybrid and flexible way of working, founded on trust and empowerment of people, and oriented towards the best possible integration between work and private life.

Another pillar of the 2021 work was security, in particular from an IT point of view. With the structuring of a new central Cyber ​​Security department, we invested in the security of our products and infrastructures, to the benefit of the business, of our customers and our employees. This investment will continue in the years to come, with a view to increasing control in favor of a safer web for everyone.

With an emergency (the pandemic) being hopefully on the way of resolution, 2022 unfortunately opened with other serious problems related to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

Hoping for a quick cessation of hostilities, at the time of writing this letter (March 2022), Growens took a stance of strong opposition to the Russian invasion. We have suspended all fees for Ukrainian customers, guaranteeing our solutions free of charge as long as necessary, and providing employees paid time off to volunteer time and effort to the refugee crisis.

Aware that these are small actions within a large and complex scenario, we are committed to making our contribution to ensure that the values ​​underlying our corporate culture (in particular caring and open-mindedness) act as a true compass in our every choice.

Matteo Monfredini e Nazzareno Gorni


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