Black Friday: email sending volumes and performances grow year over year

MailUp Group (MAIL) released insights today related to email marketing campaigns during 2019 Black Friday week. Data come from the analysis of activities performed on MailUp platforms ( in Italy, Acumbamail ( in Spain and BEE ( globally – all part of the MailUp Group marketing ecosystem.

All relevant indicators (number of created, sent, delivered, and opened messages) show very satisfactory results, with rising trends over the same period of 2018. This shows an increased penetration of Black Friday tactics – only recently imported from the US – in European marketing strategies.


Email marketing performances for the Black Friday week 2019 vs 2018:

  • 334 million sent messages
  • +6% sent messages
  • +1% delivered messages
  • +23% average open rates

Delivery rates are especially noteworthy – brands succeeded in preventing an all too easy plunge and improved their performance in spite of an increased sending pressure. On one hand, this proves their increased maturity in carefully targeting larger message volumes. On the other hand, it is a clear sign of the constantly growing reliability of MailUp Group’s systems in terms of deliverability.


If compared to last year’s Black Week, performances in Spain resulted as follows:

  • 127 million sent emails
  • +23% sent emails
  • +23% delivery rates
  • +0,42% (stable) open rates

Created messages

The number of downloaded templates from the global BEE platforms (in both its Free and Pro versions) provides another significant proxy of the pervasiveness of Black Friday in marketing strategies. Figures show a rise in the number of created messages if compared to the same period of 2018:

  • +57% exported templates from the Free version
  • +54% exported templates from the Pro version

Nazzareno Gorni , CEO and founder of MailUp Group, commented: “Even today, email is a cornerstone of marketing strategies for companies notwithstanding their size, in spite of the new, manifold contact opportunities offered by the internet (social media, search, programmatic advertising, content marketing, etc.). I believe that this ongoing success for email stems from two factors – the cost/result ratio and the preference consumers still bestow on this channel when choosing to leave their personal data to companies”.

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