E-commerce Dashboard Now Available in Spanish

Following the launch of the MailUp website in Spanish – – we’re happy to announce that the MailUp e-commerce dashboard is now available for all Spanish-language customers and free trial accounts.

An easy, fast, self-service way to purchase online!

The account dashboard allows you to upgrade your free trial into a paying account, purchase and update a number of features, such as adding an additional admin, and pay for and manage your monthly MailUp subscription.

Additional Resources for Spanish-language Customers

Help Documentation and User Guides

MailUp offers an extensive help documentation available in Spanish. Visit the Guía Rápida as a quick help guide or consult the Manual MailUp for in-depth documentation. Remember that you can always contact our customer support team for any questions on our Solicitud de contacto webpage.

E-books and Webinars

We’ve also dedicated an entire section for you to learn about email marketing and become and expert. The Sé un experto contains a number of free webinars (view and register) in Spanish, along with a few e-books.   Interested in MailUp in Spanish? Sign-up for a 30-day free trial on

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