Errata Corrige – Allocation of the profit of MailUp S.p.A.

MailUp S.p.A.hereby notifies that, following a clerical error, the proposal from the Board of Directors for the allocation of the individual net profit as per the Directors’ Memorandum on the agenda for the Shareholders’ Meeting on 23 April 2020, single call, is amended as follows.

“Point 1 of the Agenda – Ordinary Session

omissis] Resolves [omissis]

2. to allocate the net profit of FY 2019, amounting to Euro 2,192,638.73, (i) as per Eur 11,085.47 to the forex adjustment reserve and (ii) as per Eur 2,181,552.31 to the extraordinary reserve;”.

The person entitled to vote and/or their delegates are kindly requested to take due account of the above for the purpose of granting appropriate instructions to the Designated Representative.

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