From BEE to Beefree: introducing a brand rooted in freedom and creativity

The popular no-code email builders embrace their roots in “free” as it reaches over 350,000 users per month.

August 30, 2023 – BEE, a pioneer in no-code email creation tools, has announced its official rebrand to Beefree. From its inception as the “Best Email Editor” (BEE), Beefree has broadened its capabilities by integrating advanced artificial intelligence features, collaboration tools, and additional integrations, thus expanding its user base. Now, Beefree’s tools for designing emails and pages are utilized by over 350,000 users every month across 120 countries, including by industry giants such as Amazon, Google, and Disney.

Beefree’s friendly builders have become ubiquitous because they can be experienced in two ways. First, directly on, where over 40,000 monthly users design more than 250,000 emails and landing pages, and then export them to dozens of CRMs and marketing applications. Second, incorporated into over 600 other SaaS applications, where they have become an integral part of the user interface through the Beefree SDK.

The transition to Beefree emphasizes the ethos of freedom, aiming to offer users a design experience devoid of technical hurdles, pricing constraints, and product complexities that could lead to frustrations.

“At Beefree, we believe in providing users the freedom to design without limits, allowing their creativity to soar,” said Massimo Arrigoni, CEO and co-founder. “This evolution of the brand underscores its growth beyond just email editing and deepens our commitment to democratizing the creation of beautiful, accessible content for everyone.”

Alongside the rebranding, the company is announcing the renaming of its products: BEE Pro and BEE Plugin which are now Beefree and Beefree SDK, respectively. While the names are evolving, the products themselves will remain consistent, ensuring that customers continue to experience the products they’ve grown to love and trust.

Despite these changes, the company will continue to operate as Bee Content Design, Inc., a business unit under Growens.

The company is gearing up to debut its new brand at two premier conferences: SaaStr Annual in the Bay Area and HubSpot’s Inbound in Boston, both scheduled from September 6 to 8, 2023.

“SaaStr Annual and Inbound are the ideal platforms to introduce our new brand identity to the market and showcase our unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge, limitless content creation solutions to our customers,” added Luca Penati, CMO at Beefree.


About Beefree

Beefree, previously known as BEE, is a business unit of Growens (GROW:IM). The company offers intuitive design tools that enable businesses to craft beautiful, high-performing emails compatible with any marketing platform. Its no-code builders are also used to design landing pages, pop-ups, and other digital assets.

Beefree’s design tools are available online at and seamlessly embedded in 600+ SaaS applications through the Beefree SDK.

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