MailUp Group (MAIL) announced partial waiver to BMC Holding’s lock-up

MailUp S.p.A. (MAIL) (the “Company” or “MailUp Group”), a company admitted to trading on the multilateral trading facility AIM Italia and operating in the cloud marketing technology field, has announced today they were notified that BMC Holing B.V. (“BMC” – or the company owned by Datatrics’ sellers which following 2018 acquisition owns a share of 4.4% in the Company’s capital on which they undertook a lock up as disclosed on 19 September, 2019 and 30 October, 2019) sold 70,000 MAIL shares, equal to 0.47% of its share capital, in a pre-agreed exchange on 15 January, 2020.

The partial lock-up waiver for the above-mentioned amount of shares was granted by the Company in view of increasing the free float with new institutional investors.

As a result of the above-mentioned partial lock-up waiver for BMC, estimated free float amounts to ca. 34.7%.

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