MailUp joins the Anti-Phishing Working Group: a new drive to fight cybercrime

MailUp SpA [MAIL.MI] announces becoming part of the Anti-Phishing Working Group (APWG) as a sponsoring member.

Made up of financial institutions, ISPs, ESPs, online retailers and solution providers, APWG is the international association dedicated to fighting cybercrime in the public and private sector, at entrepreneurial, governmental, legal and diplomatic level. With over 3,200 members from around the world, the Anti-Phishing Working Group meets with business like Microsoft, Salesforce, Facebook and VISA.

MailUp is now part of this broad APWG network, as the first Italian company to join the project. We aim to join forces in the fight against phishing and cyber abuse by sharing data, experience and technology.

The term “phishing”, coined in 1996, refers to the kinds of email scams that aim to obtain sensitive information on the recipient (personal and financial data or access credentials) using deception and links to fake websites. According to, cases of phishing have been skyrocketing since 1996, culminating in the wide-scale attack on PayPal in 2003. It is capable of compromising thousands of personal accounts and causing considerable financial losses for companies.

Preventing this abuse is one of the most difficult challenges that MailUp’s Deliverability & Compliance team is facing on a daily basis. By partnering with APWG, MailUp can combine the results, skills and tools of its research with those of other organizations (ISPs, ESPs, vendors, security firms) engaged in tackling phishing and all use of harmful marketing technologies. For MailUp’s clients, this means greater security when sending communications to their customers, which is an increasingly important issue not only for thefinancial sector, but also for those managing e-commerce sites.

Alberto Miscia, Head of Deliverability & Compliance at MailUp, states: “Phishing and the general use of emails to send harmful content permanently damages people’s trust in this tool. Over the years, the number and level of sophistication of this type of attack has been soaring. We strongly believe in email and constantly strive to be at the forefront when fighting all forms of abuse. We will not stand idly by. Being a sponsoring member of APWG is a step in that direction: we are honored to be able to contribute by offering the group our technology, for the benefit of both MailUp and the whole community”.

Peter Cassidy, APWG Secretary General, states: “APWG is honored to have MailUp as a member and sponsor to the working group. The company’s global footprint and experience in managing the needs of customers across every vertical will provide invaluable insights in our struggle with cybercrime and our appreciation of the victimized brands’ experiences. We expect MailUp with its global, multi-lingual and multi-channel view of communications leveraged by cybercrime gangs will have unique and vital perspectives to lend to the global community engaged in the endless twilight confrontation with cybercrime”.

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