MailUp’s Board of Directors approved the consolidated financial statements and draft financial statements for 2016

The Board of Directors of MailUp S.p.A., listed on the AIM Italia stock exchange and operating in the area of marketing technology (Reuters: MAIL.MI) (Bloomberg: MAIL.IM) (ISIN IT 0005040354), met today and examined the final figures for the 2016 financial year. The Company prepared its financial statements according to the IAS/IFRS international accounting standards for the first time; it therefore revised its existing comparative data from 2015 according to the principles required by IFRS.

Main results of the 2016 consolidated income statement

    • €21.6M in value of production in 2016 compared with €9.4M in 2015 (+129%)
      €8.5M in email sales revenues in 2016 compared to €6.9M in 2015 (+23%) with €1.6M in growth, of which €1.05M in growth relating to acquired companies;
      ➢ €11.3M in SMS sales revenues in 2016 compared to €2.2M in 2015 (+414%) with €9.1M in growth, of which €8.79M relating to the acquisition of Agile Telecom;
      ➢ €1.28M in other operating revenues (professional services, BEE, and other revenues) in 2016 compared to €0.1M in 2015;
      ➢ €0.55M in other non-recurring revenues in 2016 compared to €0.24M in 2015.


  • €2.4M in EBITDA in 2016 compared to €0.67M in 2015 (+255%)
  • €1.13M in EBT in 2016 compared to a loss of €0.12M in 2015 (+1.24M increase)
  • €0.81M net profit in 2016 compared to a loss of €0.1M in 2014 (+0.91M increase)
  • International revenues in 2016 amounted to €7.1M, or 34% of consolidated revenues.

Matteo Monfredini, the President of MailUp S.p.A., commented: “2016 was a record year for MailUp. In addition to the work put in to consolidate the acquisitions made during 2015, we never lost our focus on organic growth, and we worked hard to increase the group’s profitability. In these three years since our IPO, we have more than tripled our turnover, surpassing the analysts’ estimates at the IPO. We started with a single company – MailUp – and around this core we built an international group – MailUp Group – currently present in 3 continents with over 16,000 customers and 141 talented employees working in Italy, Spain, Denmark, the United States and Argentina. Last year we relaunched a product challenge to competitors in Silicon Valley with our startup BEE, which is growing 10% a month in San Francisco, and growing in the global markets of over 175 countries. Having completed this first three-year cycle, we now want to enhance the group by bringing it to the main market, as we had shared with investors at the IPO”.

Download the press release and read all the financial results

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