The Datatrics Business Unit updates its Customer Data Platform with Audience 2.0 and a new Touchpoint Builder

Accessible, user-friendly technologies will support the Group’s growth in the small-medium business segment

Milan, 20 December 2022 Growens (ticker GROW), a company admitted to trading on the multilateral trading facility Euronext Growth Milan and operating in the cloud marketing technology field, today announces an update to the Datatrics Customer Data Platform, the AI-powered predictive marketing platform developed by the Business Unit of the same name, thanks to the introduction of two new features: Audience 2.0 and Touchpoint Builder.

Established in the Netherlands and acquired by Growens in 2018, Datatrics has completely updated the core software for its Customer Data Platform (CDP) with Audience 2.0. The most important update is the 360-degree customer profile that now automatically merges all customer data from 50 channels. By taking advantage of advanced Artificial Intelligence technology in a simple and intuitive way, e-commerce players can now have a better and more complete picture of their customers, as well as easily create segments generated by the Audience algorithm based on the buyer phase a customer is in and their preferred persuasion method.

The second news related to the Datatrics CDP concerns the introduction of a new Touchpoint Builder. This feature allows marketers from all over the world to create personalized touchpoints in a quick, user-friendly and accessible way, with no need for technical HTML or CSS coding skills. In this way, directly through the CDP, marketers will be able to choose a personalized template, select the products to show and the target audience, and lastly to plan the exact timing when the content will be published.

These updates are consistent with Growens’ Product-Led approach, which sees the products of its Business Units as the strategic drivers behind the growth and expansion of the business. After the introduction of the freemium version of Datatrics, Growens continues on its path aimed at increasing the accessibility of innovative technological products, making them increasingly within the reach of medium-small companies.

“With the update of its Customer Data Platform, the Datatrics Business Unit takes another step towards democratizing the access to sophisticated technological tools for marketing even for all companies that cannot afford large investments” – commented Nazzareno Gorni, CEO and founder of Growens. “Audience 2.0 and Touchpoint Builder are effective updates and have already produced concrete results for our customers’ businesses. Since the introduction of Audience 2.0 in May 2022, customers have seen their conversion rate uplift increase from an average of 20% to 30%, resulting in real competitive advantage. This is precisely the essence of our Product-Led strategy, an approach that aims at the growth of the Group through the enhancement of the products of the Business Units, which are increasingly accessible to an expanding customer base”.

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