The template catalog project we talked about in this article continues its expansion. In 2020, we had over 4,800,000 Beefree sessions on, and many users started their experience with one of our awesome templates.

Today, we offer around 600 email templates spread across 82 categories, which are browsed on through a completely redesigned interface that improves our users’ search experience.

BEE template catalog
The new U.I. of the Beefree Template Catalog

The expansion of the template catalog project concerns not only the number, but also the type of templates and contents that can be created and modified with Beefree. We are introducing a new version of the Beefree editor that will allow users to create landing pages and one-page sites. We already have 40+ landing page templates and will soon be able to open the pages area of the editor directly from the template catalog.

Email + landing page = campaign 

Digital marketing campaigns often include both one or more emails and a landing page. The campaign will be a key concept in Beefree’s growth strategy for 2021 as well as the progressive introduction of new types of content such as Pop-ups, Cards, Banners and social ads. With the “Customizable Campaigns” we try to enable anyone to quickly create, no-code, complete campaigns for the promotion of services, products, events and initiatives of any kind.

Today we already deliver our “Collections“, which at the moment represent a series of email templates created to fulfill a specific purpose, such as the launch of a new product, the improvement of a platform onboarding with a sequence of welcome emails, or the coverage of the whole series of automatic notifications necessary in the context of a specific industry such as Real Estate, for example.

BEE Real estate email collection
Real Estate Collection

These “Collections” will gradually begin to include new types of content and templates for landing pages and one-page sites will be available in the same set, with a consistent on-brand style. 

Who do we have to thank for building this rich gallery of customizable and ready-to-use templates that is always updated and constantly expanding? 

A talented & engaged community of Beefree designers

The biggest thanks goes to our very active community of Beefree designers who have joined our Designer Partner Program and who contribute daily to the development of the project with their talent and creativity.

This partnership with designers from all over the world creates a lively mix of cultures, experiences and different styles and a real flywheel in which everyone wins: Beefree users benefit from being able to take advantage of an ever-growing collection rich and constantly evolving. The designer gets paid for his work and has visibility on high-traffic pages and in Beefree communications on social media or via email. We benefit from the fact that these templates generate traction on search engines and that the template catalog represents the first traffic channel to our editor today.

A colorful mix of talents, cultures & styles

From Bulgaria to the United States, passing through the UK, Russia, Italy, Finland, Argentina, Spain and Canada, Beefree Designers are located all over the world.

BEE Designers Community

Let’s get to know some of them better.

Andrea Dall’Ara

Andrea Dall'AraHe mainly works on U.I. for websites, emails and mobile applications. He is also specialized in logo design, icon design and illustration. For about a year he has been part of the Beefree Team part time and helps us with UI design and in our communications on social channels, blogs and emails.


Gaia Zuccaro

Gaia ZuccaroGraphic, Web and UX designer. She is passionate about typography design and fonts and she is fascinated by everything related to human-machine interaction. He loves Italian music, good food and big cities. He independently learned everything she knows about the web and interaction design and has years of communication studies in her background.

Jen Schmaltz

JenProject Manager, Strategic Thinker, Visual Communicator, Copywriter, Brand Stylist and Content Curator… even a bit of a magician. She designs with her heart, she thinks that creating the tools that help her customers to promote themselves and grow is a truly amazing thing to do every day!

Derek Brumby

Derek BrumbyDerek has a lot of experience in creating communication materials for natural product brands. He works both remotely and in presence for client companies as a creative partner. He takes care of any branding and marketing project for both online and print.


Yorbi Barriento

Yorbi BarrientoYorbi Barriento defines himself as a Product Designer with a passion for creating effective and inclusive solutions for people.

Yorbi is also a supporter of a Figma FoF community in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He loves design systems and carrot cake ?

Yuliana Pandelieva

Yuliana PandelievaSince graduating from Falmouth University in 2014, she has been working on communication materials for several brands. She is a specialist in packaging projects, assets for e-commerce and assets for events. She likes to create impactful designs and tries to achieve the highest possible quality in her artworks. She has worked on projects for Levi’s, Nike, Lush, and many others. She loves listening to Metal music and likes video games.


Titus Ruiz

Titus RuizFreelancer Graphic Designer and Peruvian Art Director who lives in the Canaries. He has a deep experience in Branding and Visual Communication. He offers design and consulting services for various clients around the world. He often collaborates with advertising agencies and graphic studios. He loves music and art, especially good jazz. He is a surfer and has been riding waves since he was a child.


Betina Todorova

Betina TodorovaShe mainly works on logos and brand identity helping companies from all over the world to tell their story. She has a strategic approach to design and every step of each project is studied and measured in detail. Her personal goal is to help companies grow whether they are start-ups or established enterprises.


Jesús Albusac

Jesus AlbusacHe considers himself a detail perfectionist, and a multitasking pro. He is very passionate about the world of visual communication, he believes that design is a powerful tool to convey the values, ideas and emotions associated with a brand. Jesús was also part of the Acumbamail team, a business unit of the MailUp Group.


The discovery and launch of custom design services

Another really interesting aspect that this BeefreeDesigners’ Community highlighted, was a need for BEE Custom Design services. Some Plugin customers, the white-label version of the Beefreeeditor that is integrated into external platforms, have expressed the need to customize their offer with a custom-built template catalog, vertical in their industry, that meets the specific needs of their customers.

We then decided to test the ground also in the Beefree areas with a survey that generated interesting results. We therefore organized ourselves in order to start making available this Beefree design service that is tailored on the customer’s needs.

The whole process takes place within what we like to call our “Design Central“: a Beefree Agency account where each Designer has a personal workspace in which they can create and save their designs.

Within this BEE Pro account, a connection is established between the Beefree client, whether Pro or Plugin, a designer from our community and the Beefree Team. And we start designing together.

We are currently concluding a first pilot project and in the coming days we will be ready to officially open this new service which aims to:

  • Remove the frictions in adopting Beefree SDK for companies that need to offer a customized catalog based on the needs of their user base.
  • Support agencies that need to scale email design production and generate more business.
  • Provide complete template sets for marketing teams of structured companies, with multiple users involved. 

Because our designers’ community will be directly involved in these new Custom Design Services, we have launched the third call for designers to our user base. Anyone interested can take a look at this email communication, and forward their application to the program

Stay tuned!


Article by
Mattia Arnaù
Marketing Manager at Beefree

Mattia Arnaù, MailUp Group

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