It may seem an utopia, but it isn’t. Can a General Manager ensure firm and constant guidance to his company, follow closely every aspect of the business, prevent and face promptly any unexpected circumstances, without being physically at the office? Or even when being constantly on the road, like a true digital nomad?

The answer is yes. While remote work “on the move” has been accepted for a while for certain jobs – often operational and independent in their routine – it may still be difficult to conceive a scenario in which the company’s top management moves from one location to another, without compromising the effectiveness of its strategic guidance. 

Growens’ WoW program is based precisely on this assumption – that the requirement to work physically from a certain place, as well as within certain working hours, is hardly relevant in people’s ability to express their richest and most productive talent.

Francesco Parisi’s choice, Managing Director at Agile Telecom 

In Summer 2023 Francesco Parisi, Managing Director at Agile Telecom, a business unit of the Growens Group, set off for a long campervan journey  across Europe, without taking a sabbatical or any time off.

Today Francesco shares his experience with us as a manager who has chosen to work remotely and on the move, highlighting how his physical absence from the office does not hinder either his own work activities or those of his team. On the contrary: being able to travel while working allows him to improve a set of skills that are essential for his job.

What do you do at Growens? 

I am the Managing Director within the Agile Telecom business unit, which offers solutions to optimize large volumes of SMS to mobile network operators and SMS aggregators.

My role consists of managing company strategies and optimizing processes, remaining constantly updated on the latest innovations and technologies in order to guide my team towards efficiency and success.

Francesco Parisi, Managing Director at Agile Telecom

How did you get the idea of ​​leaving in a campervan and traveling around Europe?

The idea was born from my passion for exploration and the desire to challenge working conventions.

I took the opportunity offered by the Growens WoW program, which allows to choose where and how to work, to combine travels with my work. So, I began to explore new cultures and landscapes, while enriching my professional vision.

When did you set off and what are the next destinations on your trip?

My trip started a few months ago and, so far, I have had the pleasure of visiting six countries: Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Spain and Portugal.

Each country has its own charm, but Spain, in particular, holds a special place in my heart thanks to its vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes.

For what concerns the future, I am planning to explore Northern Europe, so I can immerse myself in Scandinavian cultures and their innovative ways of working.

Porto, Algarve, Valencia

As a manager who works remotely, what difficulties are you facing?

The main challenge is maintaining effective communication despite distance.

Face-to-face human relationships are irreplaceable, but with suitable technologies and good organization, these obstacles become opportunities for improvement.

My suggestion for doing your job better, even if you are away from your team, is to establish daily routines, to use online collaboration tools and to make sure you always have a reliable internet connection.

What are the opportunities and the advantages?

Advantages include the freedom to travel, the flexibility in terms of working hours and the interaction with different cultures. The latter adds a creative and strategic freshness that benefits both me as a person and my company.

The greatest opportunity, I think, lies in the continuous inspiration that comes from changing my environment; every place visited contributes new ideas and perspectives. Furthermore, it allows me to refine some of my skills such as remote management, intercultural communication and strategic flexibility, essential in my managerial role.

Francesco's van

Would you recommend setting off and working remotely, like you did?

For the personal and professional growth that I am experiencing, yes. Everyone should try this way of working, at least once in their lifetime.

Do you have any advice for those who want to have an experience like this?

Figure out how to organize yourself, embrace technology, be flexible and open to new experiences. Planning is the key to a perfect balance between work and travel.

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