Beefree, a Growens Business Unit, announces the achievement of two significant goals: it made $10M ARR (Annual Recurring Revenues) – entering the pool of only 0.4% SaaS companies at global level to do so – and it reached 1500 free templates in its email & landing page catalog, officially offering the largest selection in the world.

$10M ARR for Beefree 

The achievement of the threshold of $10M ARR is extremely significant for Beefree. Currently, Beefree has over 10,000 paying users and 6.5 million sessions of its visual builders across hundreds of SaaS applications.

These results are far from granted – just think that most bootstrapped SaaS companies do not even reach $1M in revenue and only 0.4% make it to $10M. Therefore, for Growens it is a great satisfaction to count in its portfolio two Business Units, Beefree and MailUp+Contactlab, that belong to this 0.4%.

Beefree offers the world’s largest template catalog 

Beefree’s goal has always been the design democratization, making design accessible to anyone. With this purpose in mind, over the years, Beefree has kept refining its products.

Today, Beefree platform officially offers the world’s largest catalog of free email and landing page templates.

Beefree offers more than 1500 free and unique templates, all created by over 30 designers from 15 different countries. Furthermore, the use of these models does not require any subscription or technical skills.

The Beefree offer 

Beefree provides no-code design tools that empower everyone to quickly create content that resonates. Beefree’s visual builders are used to design emails, landing pages, one-page sites, and more. They deliver fantastic design flexibility and a great user experience, combining granular control on design elements with handy features like editing content directly in mobile view.

Beefree is building on its vision to help democratize content design, with millions of monthly users in over 20 languages and from over 150 countries. Beefree’s design tools are available online at and embedded in over 600 SaaS applications.

2022 has been a historic year for Beefree characterized by transformation, outperformance, and product innovation. As we moved through the year, momentum continued to build in both of our product lines. 

On the embeddable tool’s side, we see more SaaS companies integrating our visual builders in their software, benefiting from innovative features that they can immediately release to their end users, like the ability to design content directly in mobile view. 

And Beefree – our online design suite – saw a 60% increase in signups (now over 15,000 per month) as we further embraced a product-led growth strategy with a switch to an Enterprise Freemium model”, comments Massimo Arrigoni, Beefree CEO.

Beefree evolution 

  • 2014: The first version of Beefree is launched as a free tool by the MailUp team, and collects 20,000 users in 24 hours.
  • 2015: Beefree SDK is launched as an embeddable email editor for SaaS applications.
  • 2016: Beefree – an online tool to quickly design emails and landing pages – is launched. It now sees over new 15,000 signups and over 30,000 users per month.
  • 2020: The designer program is launched and it offers over 1,500 unique free templates available in the Beefree template catalog. All the templates are designed by 30+ designers from around the world.
  • 2021: Beefree counts 10,000 paying customers across its products.
  • 2022: switches to the freemium model for Beefree, with a 60% increase in signups.
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