In the post pandemic era, phenomena such as quiet quitting and great resignation have taught us that people stick to their jobs thanks to vastly different motivations as opposed to the pre-pandemic world. Social status, career-driven pursuits, and even money weigh increasingly less against personal growth, satisfaction, happiness, and a good work-life balance. 

Understanding what makes people happy in their workplace and why they might want (or not) to keep working at a company plays a crucial role in making sure that the company is able to hire the right people, make them happy, and retain them. In fact, a recent research stated that organizations that effectively deliver on their EVP can decrease annual employee turnover by almost 70%.

This is why in the last few months Growens focused on understanding the elements of its work environment that employees recognize and appreciate the most.

The final aim is to strengthen its Employer Brand and to enable the improvement of a number of corporate KPIs: from the ease of hiring to the tenure of employees, from the level of engagement and satisfaction to the ability to retain the best talents.

Thanks to workshops and surveys, the Group has understood the reasons that encourage people every day to work with commitment and dedication within their own Business Unit, distilling them into the Employer Value Proposition of the Group and of the Business Units themselves.

What is an Employer Value Proposition? 

The Employer Value Proposition, also called EVP, can be compared to a short manifesto used by a company to position and distinguish itself in its reference job market.

The EVP encompasses all the values, benefits, climate and any other element that a company offers to its current and potential employees in exchange for their talent, their work skills and their experience.

In other words, it is the answer to the question: what’s great about working at X?

Employer Value Proposition and Employer Branding

The Employer Value Proposition is closely related to Employer Branding, this is why it’s common for them to be named together. They are complementary.

Both of them help to create a specific and positive association of a particular company in people’s minds, telling about different nuances of it.

The Employer Branding defines the activities implemented by the company to improve the Employer Brand and therefore the reputation that people have of the company. 

The Employer Value Proposition, on the other hand, defines how the company would like to be perceived as an employer.

To ensure that EVP and Employer Branding succeed in their intent, it is essential to be as transparent and truthful as possible, so as to obtain and cultivate the trust of each worker.

The benefits of a good EVP 

  • It makes the brand more appealing to prospective candidates
  • It attracts new talent in line with the company values
  • It differentiates the company from its competitors by strengthening the Employer Brand
  • It increases employee retention 
  • It supports the development of a sense of belonging among employees, who will be encouraged to become company ambassadors, promoting the workplace

The Group’s Employer Value Proposition 

The first part of the project included workshops about the different corporate cultures both at the Group and BU level, involving the main stakeholders for each environment.

Through this first interaction, we identified specific and distinctive pillars that later were validated by the rest of the company population, through a survey.

For example, Growens’ employees found that flexibility, friendliness, internal environment, innovation and fairness best define what they love about working at Growens.

Once we understood the elements that employees appreciate in each BU, the various EVPs were crafted and then shared and approved by all BU directors, marketing managers and individual employees. Here follow the results.


Working at Growens means joining an international group of tech companies where people are the heart of the business. We are committed to creating a work environment that is fair, transparent and motivatingwhile promoting merit, well-being and people development. 

A flexible way of working fuels a constant strive for innovative processes & solutions: all of us can choose whether to work from home, from the office or from anywhere else, at any time.


Working at BEE means joining a challenging yet empowering scale-up environment. 

Spread across Italy and the US, our team thrives in a unique and exciting blended culture, combining the best of both worlds. We are a remote-first company where autonomy, trust, and self-organization go hand in hand with collaboration, radical transparency, and continuous feedback

We value coming together for amazing retreats to build those meaningful relationships that fuel our everyday success. And we have fun while doing it.


Working at Acumbamail means joining a small & fast-paced environment, driven by collaboration and team spirit. 

Here, things evolve rapidly and everyone can make impactful decisions, with continuous personal growth and increased ownership over time. 

We work remotely and flexibly, and we stay true to our local Spanish roots.

Agile Telecom

Working at Agile Telecom means joining a small & high-performing team, where people care for each other and work collaboratively towards clear common goals

Our Italian roots run deep, while our branches spread internationally

A flexible way of working fuels a constant strive for innovative processes & solutions: all of us can choose whether to work from home, from the office or from anywhere else, at any time.


Working at Datatrics means joining a tightly-knit team spread internationally. We work collaboratively in a dynamic, fast-paced environment fueled by trust & team spiritAll of us act as owners and we are proud of the impact we can make. 

While we love spending time at our office, we promote a flexible, hybrid way of working: all of us can choose whether to work from home, from the office or from anywhere else, at any time.


Working at MailUp+Contactlab means joining the leading Italian player in email marketing & customer engagement technologies, where innovation is fueled by open-mindedness & passion

The key enablers of our success? Teamwork, kindness and trust. 

We promote a flexible, hybrid way of working: all of us can choose whether to work from home, from the office or from anywhere else, at any time.

Wrap up 

In the current world, where the people are the ones who choose companies and not the other way around, building a solid Employer Value Proposition is the key to attracting the right people and retaining those already present in the company.

But just creating an EVP is not enough. The next step is to communicate the statements both inside and outside the company environment in the best possible way and this is exactly what Growens plans to do.

It will define the appropriate channels and contents that efficiently will tell the storytelling obtained by the EVPs, actively involving the employees.


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