For the second year in a row, Growens won the “HR Mission 2023” award thanks to the “Contract Harmonization” project in the “Industrial Relations” category.

Like every year, AIDP (Italian Association for Personnel Management) has awarded HR Managers and Directors who have created or are creating innovative projects that improve the organization’s efficiency and people’s work.

The third prize for the “Industrial Relations” category was awarded to Enrica Lipari, People & Culture Director at Growens, creator and promoter of the project along with Sara Parroco, People & Organization Growth Manager, and Clelia Gallareto, People Operations Manager, in the context of the integration following the acquisition, set up with the guidance and support of the lawyer Ivana Azzollini, Partner at Deloitte Legal.

Sara Parroco accepted the award.

Sara Parroco accepted the award.

The winning project 

In 2023, Growens finalized the sale of Contactlab S.p.A. (acquired in 2022) together with MailUp S.p.A. (and the Spanish legal entity Acumbamail SL) to the TeamSystem Group.

From a contractual point of view, Contactlab applied to its employees the Italian Collective Labor Agreement (CCL) for employees of companies operating in the communications and innovative services sector, as signed by SLC-CGIL, FISTEL-CISL and UILCOM-UIL as trade unions and by Assolombarda, while Growens applied the National Collective Labor Agreement (CCNL) for employees of tertiary, distribution and service companies (so-called Commerce/Tertiary sector).

As part of the meetings held during the consultation procedure pursuant to art. 47 (the sale of the MailUp S.p.A. branch), Growens promoted dialogue with the trade unions, aimed at identifying a solution for extending the Tertiary contract also to Contactlab employees, enabling a contractual harmonization, although within the limited time constraints due to the sale of Contactlab to the TeamSystem Group.

This recognition is rewarding and exciting, and comes at the end of a year full of changes for the Growens Group. Each extraordinary transaction opened a new chapter in the history of our company and had a huge impact both on the organization and on individuals.

As the People & Culture Department, we have invested not only in enabling everyone to face the changes while maintaining their motivation high, but we have concretely acted – working together with the Contactlab colleagues – so that everyone could inherit a higher level of contractual protections and guarantees.

Industrial relations prove once again, from our point of view, a strategic lever in managing and supporting people’s growth and retention” – stated Enrica Lipari, People & Culture Director.

The corporate & operational context 

For their business, companies look for talented & specialized professional profiles, highly sought after on the market. This is the reason why it is essential to recognize salary levels that are constantly updated and in line with the standards in use in the relevant fields.

The technology services business is an ever-evolving sector and requires the adoption of suitable tools to respond to the changing needs of companies that operate there.

The transition to the Tertiary contract was aimed at guaranteeing greater process flexibility, better management of structural costs and more effective market penetration. Indeed, this provided overall more favorable treatment for employees compared to the previous contract in force at Contactlab.

Last, in view of the planned transfer of the branch and employees to TeamSystem, the achievement of a harmonization aimed at guaranteeing the application of the same collective treatments to the whole staff.

The harmonization process 

The harmonization project saw the People & Culture Department involved in three implementation phases:

  • Analysis of Contactlab contract provisions (“as is”), feasibility study with analysis of methods and timing for cancellation, comparison with the Tertiary contract for each contractual institution affected, and evaluation
  • Identification of the “to be” scenario and potentially critical areas, quantification of potential costs for Contactlab in the different scenarios, development of proposals for neutralization/reduction of negative effects for employees (possible “platform” to start from)
  • Launch and development of the negotiation table on harmonization with the trade unions signatory to the previous contract (SLC Milano – CGIL, UILCOM Milano Lombardia – UIL) as well as the trade union delegations signatories of the Tertiary contract (FILCAMS – CGIL, FISASCAT – CISL, UILTUCS – UIL)

The signing of the agreement note by all the Trade Union Organizations involved represented the final step of a constructive harmonization process carried out together with the Growens representatives.

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