At the beginning of 2024, Growens took part to the first ‘Osserva-lavoro’ job shadowing project organized by the Public Administration of Milan. This initiative offers more than two hundred students the opportunity to shadow a professional for a minimum of two to a maximum of five days, during which mentors share their experiences, allowing the students to delve into the world of work.

The goal is to support the aspirations of young minds by showcasing the various professional opportunities available in the area and helping them live an experience that will enhance their inclinations and aptitudes.

The professionals who represented Growens in this project were Enrica Lipari, People & Culture Director, and Sara Parroco, People & Organization Growth Manager. They were shadowed for a few days by Giorgia Rosaspina and Elisabetta De Pieri, two university students to whom we now give the floor to hear their experience.

Can you tell us a bit about yourselves?

Giorgia Rosaspina: “At the end of March 2024, I graduated in Business Economics and Management from the Università Cattolica in Milan. I intend to continue my studies with a Master’s degree. I am a determined person who works hard to achieve her goals.

Cooking is my hobby and I particularly enjoy preparing traditional dishes, often with the help of my friends.”

Elisabetta De Pieri: “I consider myself as a curious girl, always ready to embrace new challenges. I am a university student attending the course in Economics and Management for Arts, Culture and Communication at the Luigi Bocconi Commercial University in Milan. 

I am passionate about traveling, art and writing, and I am eager to explore different areas because each experience provides insights and ideas for building my future.”

What activities did you carry out during this job shadowing experience? 

G: “I worked alongside Enrica Lipari, People and Culture Director at Growens. 

Over the four days of the project, I followed her typical working routine, including remote and in-person meetings and one-on-one moments where Enrica outlined the general organization of the company and its business applications. Additionally, I had the opportunity to attend a counseling session and participate in an art workshop as a team building activity.”

E: “I closely shadowed Sara Parroco, People & Organization Growth Manager, during her work days. I participated in various meetings, both remotely and in person, getting to know the HR colleagues at Growens. 

I also actively contributed to a presentation slide for a recent project, which summarized the skills developed during a Lego Serious Play activity performed by the employees as a team-building exercise.”

What are the main takeaways from this experience?

G: “I got to deep dive into a real workplace and specifically in a HR area, which interests me for my future career. I met very helpful colleagues who facilitated my interactions within the company”.

E: “In addition to gaining a clearer perspective of the HR world and experiencing a tangible workplace, informal conversations and break times allowed me to fully embrace the workplace mentality, providing me with plenty of useful insights.”

Was there any aspect of working at Growens that particularly impressed you?

G: “What impressed me the most about Growens is its dynamic and creative environment, goal-oriented and characterized by the possibility of working remotely.”

E: “I loved the flexibility I found, both as a dynamic, continuously evolving environment, and as the ability to problem-solve with ease and cohesion, even remotely.”

Let’s now hear it from the professionals whom Giorgia and Elisabetta shadowed. Enrica, Sara, what benefits did you gain from this experience?

Enrica Lipari: “The job shadowing experience was incredibly valuable and enriching for me.

Preparing an agenda that was functional for an external observer, as well as viewing my daily work through the fresh and curious eyes of a brilliant student, allowed me to appreciate even the most routine interactions and small daily progress more deeply.”

Sara Parroco: “It was a wonderful experience that allowed me to interact with an eager student and learn more about the characteristics and needs of the new generation. 

The need to provide her with context and accurate explanations, in order to make her understand why we were in specific meetings or carrying out certain tasks, pushed me to focus on the essence of our activities, to reevaluate some priorities and to view my work with renewed curiosity.”

Wrap up

Thanks to this initiative, Giorgia Rosaspina and Elisabetta De Pieri not only had the opportunity to closely observe the daily dynamics of the professions they are interested in, but also to understand the values and skills required in a workplace.

At the same time, Growens connected with potential future talents, gaining an external perspective on its business practices.

The positive testimonials from all parties involved demonstrate how this project was a valuable experience that fostered mutual growth and the exchange of ideas, highlighting the importance of investing in similar initiatives that strengthen the link between education and work and enrich the educational journey of students.


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