Dear Stakeholders,

We are pleased to present the new edition of the Sustainability Report of the Growens group, the document that summarizes the Organization’s objectives, activities, impacts and results in relation to its Stakeholders.

In its fourth edition, the Report is part of an increasingly articulated and strategic sustainability path, which aims at the progressive integration of ESG issues in every aspect of the Group’s business: from policies in favor of people to the expansion of environment-related activities; from support for local communities to relief actions for the Ukrainian population.

2022 was a key year in the evolution of the Group. Exactly twenty years earlier, in 2002, we founded the company that, in the following two decades, would become the strong, healthy and international Group it is today. After years of restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, we celebrated this milestone with all the employees and founding partners, in person – an unforgettable moment.

Looking back, however, is not enough for us. 2022 saw the Group evolve and expand with the acquisition of Contactlab, a leading Italian company active in cloud marketing services.

From the merger of Contactlab with MailUp, a player of exceptional importance is being born in the Italian (and not only) landscape of marketing technologies – a fact confirmed by the recent sale of this business unit (together with the Spanish business unit Acumbamail) to the TeamSystem group for 70 million euros.

This is an important recognition of the value created on the market, and provides Growens with important resources to continue the path of growth and innovation in the most fruitful and financially secure way. But that’s not all: it’s also a recognition of a healthy way of doing business, respectful of people, communities and territories, which sees legality and ethical practices as the cornerstone of success.

On a macroeconomic level, 2022 was characterized by the serious problems associated with the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. Growens took a stance of support for the attacked population. We have suspended all fees for Ukrainian customers, making our solutions available free of charge for as long as necessary. We matched employees’ donations to humanitarian organizations in support of the population in need, and guaranteed to employees a number of hours to devote to volunteer activities in support of refugees.

Aware that these are small actions within a broad and complex scenario, we are committed to making our contribution to ensure that the values underlying our corporate culture (in particular caring and open-mindedness) guide us not only in business , but also and above all in assessing our impact on the world around us.

Our eyes are now to the future. We have begun to lay the foundations for the next twenty or more years of the Group, confirming investments in the development of technological and innovative products, in the well-being of people who work for and interact with us at any level, in offsetting the environmental impact we create, and in making our communities richer, more livable and digitally advanced.

Matteo Monfredini and Nazzareno Gorni

ft 1000 2021
Deloitte 2019