Announcement under art. 17 of Euronext Growth Milan Rules

Growens S.p.A. has announced today that on 4 April they were notified that BMC Holing B.V. (“BMC” – or the company owned by Datatrics’ sellers which owns a share of 6.6% in the Company’s capital following 2018 acquisition and 2022 amendments) reduced their stake under the relevant threshold of 5% according to article 17 of Euronext Growth Milan Issuers Regulations and article 15 of the ByLaws, owning n. 769,056 GROW shares, equal to 4.996% of the share capital.

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Growens announces sale of Email Service Provider business to TeamSystem Group for a total consideration of 70 million Euro Focus on acceleration of future growth and development of BEE

Growens S.p.A. announced that on 2 February 2023 the Board of Directors approved the signing of a binding agreement (the “Agreement”) for the sale of the MailUp business unit and the share capital of Contactlab S.p.A., Acumbamail S.L., MailUp Nordics A/S and its subsidiary Globase International A.p.S. (collectively the “Email Service Provider”) to TeamSystem S.p.A. (“TeamSystem” or the ”Purchaser”) for a total consideration of 70 million Euro on a cash/debt free base (the ”Transaction”).

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