Today sees the release of MailUp 9: the platform now has advanced automation features and a new design

MailUp S.p.A. announces the launch of MailUp 9, a completely redesigned version of the platform that is enhanced with new functions for automation and Email & SMS Marketing.

The platform is the result of an intense intervention on user experience: MailUp 9 offers a new interfacethanks to the graphic redesign of all its sections, the reorganization of functional areas and a redesigned dashboard that provides key data on the user’s latest campaigns, also from a mobile device. A new look & feel aimed at providing companies with simpler and more intuitive use and navigation.

Continuing its path of research for Marketing Automation technologies, MailUp 9 introduces new features for the creation of workflows: as of today, platform users can add SMS messages to emails, creating an automatic flow able to deliver multi-channel campaigns in a timely and personalized manner. By combining the potential of email and SMSs, the workflows let brands accompany their customers throughout the entire customer journey, from the first contact up to a purchase, all the way through to up-selling and loyalty activities. There is also a new complementary feature that allows clicks on links contained in SMS messages to be tracked, not only at the campaign level but also for individual recipients.

In the area dedicated to email creation, MailUp 9 introduces a new tool: Collaboration, which the user can use to share the various stages of a campaign’s creation and pre-launch, allowing team members to add notes and comments to every aspect of the message. This feature, unique among Email Service Providers, is especially useful both for Web Agencies that plan advertising campaigns for third parties, and for companies with a structured flow of approval.

For more details about all the platform’s new featuresvisit the dedicated page.

MailUp 9 is available for a free 30-day trial today at this link, while the more than 10,000 current customers will automatically receive the upgrade today at no additional cost.

Nazzareno Gorni, the CEO of MailUp, comments: “In a scenario where marketing technologies are increasingly more complex and difficult to decipher, I am convinced that user experience plays a key role. We finalized an investment strategy for user experience last year, and we are confident it will bring significant results. The release of MailUp 9 makes us proud, as it is the result of extensive research applied horizontally to user experience and in depth to the platform’s features. This is not merely a new look, but a redefinition of the dynamics and logical connections that are behind the use of the platform. In this sense, MailUp 9 makes every Email and SMS Marketing operation easier and more intuitive. The redesign is accompanied by new resources in two key areas – automation and message creation – to make these activities even more rapid and effective. A new generation of platforms is born with MailUp 9: it has been renovated in its form and substance, and can give further impetus to the qualities that have made it a leader in Italy and, to date, in the 50 countries it is sold in around the world”.  

Download the press release

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