“I feel happy at work”.

This is the first, simple affirmation that employees are asked to evaluate in the new Pulse Survey of the Growens group.

A disarming statement in its immediacy, able to speak volumes of the most likely element to determine the long-term success of a business – happiness. Only happy, satisfied people bring results to a company.

But let’s take a step back: what is a Pulse Survey? And why did we decide to implement one at this specific moment in history?

Growth at the times of Covid-19

When a company grows, turnover isn’t the only thing that spikes. Organisational complexity increases and employee mechanics become more and more sensitive.

A tight connection between corporate population wellbeing and business objectives is key to a strong organisational fabric, ensuring the most solid foundations for the success of any project.

This issue is particularly delicate in the remote work context brought on by Covid-19, with new challenges surfacing in maintaining a serene, cohesive, focused working environment.

For these reasons, as described in the Sustainability Report, since the beginning of the pandemic Growens has intensified its already high attention to people, implementing a series of additional measures to protect their work and personal well-being.

In June 2021, to reinforce this commitment, the group launched a new initiative: the Pulse Survey.

What is a Pulse Survey?

A Pulse Survey is a short, recurring questionnaire submitted to all employees on a monthly basis.

As suggested by the term itself, its goal is to record the “pulse” of employees on the workplace and on issues such as communication and relationships within the workplace.

Thanks to a rapid and frequent feedback flow, the Pulse Survey allows to monitor the health of the organisation in real time, to intercept any potential issues and to promptly implement corrective measures.

Within the Growens group, the Pulse Survey represents an evolution and an additional step to the Employee Satisfaction Survey, a broader monitoring survey, administered annually and aimed at guiding the actions of the People Strategy of the following year. following.

Pulse Survey structure

Growens’ Pulse Survey consists of ten statements that each employee is asked to rate on a scale of 1 to 10, followed by an open text area to provide more feedback.

The statements refer to six topics, partly coinciding with the four pillars of the Total Rewards Program and detailed below.


  • I feel happy at work.
  • I would recommend Growens as a great place to work.

Happy people are more productive, more inclined to creativity and innovation, more open to learning and collaborating with others.

A company that takes care of the happiness of its employees adopts a winning strategy and demonstrates a high sense of “caring”, which is then transferred externally.

Furthermore, a positive work environment lays the foundation for a culture of experimentation instead of error.

Security & belonging

  • I think I’m part of a group whose values I share.
  • I think I work in a company where people are respected and valued for their uniqueness.

The company is an organic and dynamic group of people who work together for a common goal. The enhancement of individual identities creates the conditions for an authentic expression of oneself and one’s creative and innovative potential.

The concept of “respect”, in particular, is divided into two important elements:

  • Respect for individuals
  • Respect for professionals

Both elements are defined by factors identified as ‘hygienic’ (salary, working conditions, safety, etc.) and ‘motivational’ (respect for skills, future prospects, etc.).

Work-Life balance

  • I think I have a good balance between private and professional life.

Remote work blurs the lines between personal life and working life, in some cases reducing the ability to disconnect and recover energy.

This can generate stress or discontent, or result in employees performing poorly or ultimately leaving the company.

Talent development

  • I believe that the company enables me to express my potential today and in the future.

The awareness of being in a work environment that stimulates learning and supports both professional and personal growth is crucial for employees’ satisfaction.


  • I feel I am part of a team.
  • I can count on my People Managers or colleagues to help out when needed.
  • I think that my team can achieve great results.

A sense of belonging to the company goes through belonging to smaller groups, where cohesion and alignment are crucial: business units or teams.

It is therefore important to evaluate the ability of People Managers to create team spirit at all levels and to provide support to their employees. Sense of belonging cements relationships within teams, unlocking positive beliefs and building a climate of proactive and collaborative happiness.

Autonomy & enablement

  • I think my current role and goals are clearly defined.

In the delicate transition from startup to scale-up it is necessary to have a clear organizational order. It is not uncommon, however, that in times of transition people feel they are in hybrid roles, not correctly defined and with uncertain objectives.

Monitoring this aspect is therefore extremely important, especially following the implementation of a Career Ladder as part of the Total Rewards Program.

Next steps

The new Pulse Survey marks an important step in building a work environment that is increasingly attentive to the needs and well-being of workers, as a means of achieving excellence in every activity.

From the analysis of the results of the first months of the survey, we’ll be able to get insights and guidelines for the corrective actions to be taken.

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