Growens has strengthened its investment in projects promoting employee well-being, sustainability and innovation over several years. In 2024, this commitment was recognized with two certifications from ChooseMyCompany and an award from AIDP, the Italian Association for Personnel Management. Both organizations acknowledge Growens as an excellent workplace due to its positive work environment and its sustainable initiatives.

ChooseMyCompany certifications

ChooseMyCompany – a French company that collects and analyzes the opinions of employees, candidates, students and clients within organizations – aims to improve transparency and the quality of working conditions, by providing tools to promote well-being and a positive social impact. 

Growens received two important certifications: HappyIndex®AtWork and WeImpactIndex®Italy, ranking 6th and 5th respectively, thanks to the results of an anonymous survey conducted among its employees.


Growens achieves the 6th place in the ranking, earning the HappyIndex®AtWork certification. 

This recognition is awarded to companies that demonstrate a high level of satisfaction and well-being among their employees. The certification considers different aspects of the work environment, such as satisfaction, motivation, work-life balance and relationships with colleagues and management.


Growens also achieved the WeImpactIndex®Italy certification, ranking 5th among the participating companies.

This category takes into account the companies’ impact on the territory in which they operate, evaluating their commitment and initiatives in social and environmental areas, the sustainability of their business practices and their corporate ethics.

Photo ChooseMyCompany certifications

(Enrica Lipari, People & Culture Director, and Luca Gironi, People Business Partner, receive the two certifications from ChooseMyCompany)

AIDP Award for the Growers at Growens project 

The Italian Association for Personnel Management (AIDP) has been organizing the AIDP Award for twelve years, awarding projects that stand out for their innovation, quality, impact on the corporate structure and people, and replicability in other contexts.

On June 14, 2024, AIDP awarded Growens third place at the AIDP Award 2024 in the category “Workplace management” thanks to the Growers at Growens project.

Growers at Growens 

Growers at Growens is an urban agriculture initiative that led to the creation of cultivable gardens on the terraces of Growens’ offices. This initiative addresses the need to rethink contemporary workspaces, transforming them into stimulating environments that promote collaboration and the physical and mental well-being of employees.

In addition to offering a place for relaxation and regeneration throughout the workday, the Growers at Growens garden serves as an ecological space for exploration and enrichment. Through numerous themed workshops and hands-on gardening sessions, everyone can learn urban agriculture practices and collaborate in caring for the plants.

The initiative also aims to provide the community with fresh, seasonal, self-produced local products such as vegetables, greens and aromatic plants, in order to promote food awareness in a sustainable and nature-connected way.

Project goal 

The primary goal of the project is to create a more welcoming work environment by not only transforming the office’s aesthetic but also strengthening a sense of connection with nature within the workspace.

The presence of the garden offers concrete opportunities to actively engage employees through participation in plant care and vegetable cultivation, providing a valuable chance to break away from the work routine. Additionally, the project aims to encourage sustainable consumption practices by raising awareness on issues related to nutrition, the environment, climate and ecology.

Photo AIPD Award

(Emanuela Montesano, Facility Specialist, gets the AIDP award)

Wrap up 

These recognitions testify to Growens’ ongoing commitment to its people and to the environment. The certifications and the award received reflect both the success of the company’s initiatives and the care for employees’ well-being and social responsibility. 

Growens will continue to innovate and promote sustainable practices, creating an increasingly inclusive and stimulating work environment for everyone.

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