We proactively contribute to the well-being of the planet: we plant trees, use renewable energy, choose offices with low environmental impact, and offset our CO2 emissions.







We care for the planet

We offset all
our emissions

Since 2007 we have been planting trees to offset the carbon emissions of all Group offices. Year after year, we are building our forest.


Carbon neutral

We fully offset the carbon dioxide emissions produced by traffic to the growens.io website.


One tree,
one customer

For every new customer who trusts our services, we plant a tree: a small gesture of respect, gratitude and love towards the Planet.


Positive impact

CO2 neutral pages viewed
14.99 ha
Total reforested
3050+ T
Total CO2 captured
Countries where we planted trees

Our forest

Each tree is part of certified reforestation or conservation projects in several geographical areas.

Planting trees is a meaningful gesture not only for the Planet, but also for people: trees purify water and air, create better social conditions, offer a home to various forms of life, mitigate the climate and improve the quality of the soil.

Visit the forest

ESG Report

Issued on a voluntary basis, the ESG Report outlines Growens’ commitment to a healthy, mindful and sustainable growth in the long term.


Read the 2023 ESG Report

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