Sustainable policies are increasingly material in the strategies of a growing number of companies, and Growens is no exception.

The Group doesn’t just strive to protect the environment, but it does business taking into consideration variables such as its social context and the people who work within it.

What does sustainability mean?

Often, the concept of sustainability is associated with the environmental impact of a business, but there is much more to it than this.

Sustainability entails leaving to the future generations a quality of life no lower than the current one, and it can be divided into three macro-areas:

  • Economic sustainability refers to the organization’s ability to manage resources and responsibly generate profits in the long term
  • Environmental sustainability works on the reduction of the business impact on the environment
  • Social sustainability pays attention to the impacts on the social context, with a view to a development model that generates a positive impact on the community.

Growens’s support towards employees

Growens considers people as a strategic asset able to determine the innovation and quality of the services it offers. This is why it values the work and experience of its employees by ensuring optimal working conditions in an environment that supports peace of mind, well-being and security.

Furthermore, to inspire its people to work to the best of their abilities, Growens offers partnerships, programs and activities to support their well-being.

The goal is to support every person from several points of view.

Mental & Physical Well-being 

Mental and physical well-being is key to unlock success, growth and productivity for both the company and employees. Among the number of benefits that Growens offers, the WoW program allows everyone to decide in total autonomy from where and how to work. Moreover, health insurance and hours of paid leave are among the offered perks.

Career well-being 

Employees’ talent is the company’s strongest asset. This is why Growens supports professional growth through continuous training and professional development.

Social well-being 

Developing meaningful relationships, sharing knowledge and skills with colleagues and finding the time to build unforgettable memories at work and during your free time, is an essential part of the Growens experience. As a matter of fact, the Group schedules a number of social activities such as breakfasts and lunches offered by the company itself, team building activities and much more.

Financial well-being 

Growens also supports its people’s financial well-being, by offering convenient partnerships with pension funds and banks, meal vouchers and discounts on products and services.

Growens’ support towards the community 

The company’s care for social sustainability doesn’t concern just the well-being of its employees but also the community’s.

According to the “caring” value it embodies, Growens supports social integration initiatives aimed at promoting sport, competition and physical well-being at local and national level.

The company also supports bodies and associations engaged in social and environmental sustainability, and in the development of entrepreneurial culture.

For example, the Business Unit BEE supports over 500 non-profits by granting free access to its products (or, in the case of large organizations such as Unicef, with a 50% discount).

Wrap up 

The Group has always done business to foster well-being, awareness and digital advancement for society, businesses and users. All of this, while keeping at heart sustainability in all its facets.

To learn more about Growens’ actions related to sustainability, read our latest Sustainability Report.

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